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Sentinel Fan Fiction Finders

Sentinel Fiction Finders
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All Members , Moderated
This community was created for fans of The Sentinel to find any fan fiction stories they've lost. Just post the details of the story and the other members will try to find it and post the URL for you. As the content of the stories varies wildly from "suitable for all audiences" to "adults only", this community has been rated appropriately.

You can also post (or ask for) recommendations for The Sentinel fic you have really enjoyed.

These can be gen, het, or slash, but to help everybody out you should label the stories/requests accordingly. We are using tags to help us categorize fics; please put the tags in when you post. A list of our current tags is here. When our members have found the story you're looking for, the mods will add the tag for the author's name so anyone can find it later. Please be sure to respond to the posts promptly and let everyone know how successful they were in finding your story! Some searches do take a while, though most requests are filled within 2-4 days of posting.

Browse for previous story searches in our Memories area or use the tags to find a particular type of story.

Don't know how to tag? A brief how-to is here: http://community.livejournal.com/sentinelficfind/470138.html

A list of older story searches no one has been able to find yet is here. Please take a look and see if you can help.

Posting for anything not related to The Sentinel as well as searches for non-TS fic or crossovers that do not involve the TS universe is not allowed and will be considered spam. Additionally, the intent of the community is to help find existing fic; posting discussion questions about the fandom, why there isn't more "x" type of fic, what kinds of fic people want to read more of, etc. is highly discouraged and should be redirected to ts_talk. Finally: no ads/announcements for Sentinel discussion groups or other TS-related news (new zines, looking for authors for a fic challenge/zine/whatever, etc.) on this community; this is for fic searches ONLY. Looking for authors of existing TS fic is fine.

Please respect the effort of the people trying to answer your requests and do not flame them, the fandom as a whole, or be otherwise disrespectful to the community.

If you are looking for episodes, please check here first, as it has been answered, multiple times. Further posts requesting this information will be removed.

Posting unlocked posts is encouraged, as this opens up the pool of possible people to answer your request -- not all requests have been answered by members!

Beware: links to some sites may not be accessible, as these things are subject to change without warning. Try using the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine or the Reocities Archive, for Geocities sites to attempt URL connections. All links are accurate as of time of posting.

The moderators are ancientsavvy, annieb1955, debris_k, and jane_eyre. If you are interested in helping moderate, e-mail ancientsavvy AT livejournal DOT com.

Sister Community to seeking_vm, wwficfind, ncisficfind, mag7ficfind, and numb3rsficfind.