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alex51324 in sentinelficfind

Realistic Responses to Unorthodox partnership, Blair too dumb to come in out the rain

I have two requests.

First, I'm interested in stories where other characters--OCs, crossover characters, minor canon characters, whatever--respond to Jim and Blair's unorthodox partnership in realistic ways.  Not so much ones where people shun or harass Blair because he has long hair and might be gay, but ones where other characters don't buy into the show's pararealistic conceit that a major crimes detective having an anthropologist for a partner is perfectly unremarkable.  The response could be low-key hostility, bafflement, grudging realization that Blair's unusual perspective allows him to contribute--anything other than either handwaving or over-the-top hostility.  Perfectly OK if this is a minor element in a good story that is mostly about something else.

Secondly, browsing over at epicrecs I have learned that apparently "too dumb to come in out of the rain"!Blair is a thing.  A thing that I find on one level to be very silly, and on another level to be oddly compelling.  Can you point me toward more of these?  The ones I've already found are Food for Thought and Now That Larry's Gone... .  (Edit: Actually, I guess New is one of these, too.  Probably the least over-the-top of the trio.) In both of these examples, Blair's spectacular lack of common sense take the form of deciding that since he's out of money, he's just going to quit eating for several days (and go to considerable effort to hide this from Jim), but perhaps other examples may have him being self-sacrificingly dense in some other way. 

(I don't imagine there are any where he literally doesn't come in out of the rain...but who knows, there could be.  A story where he gets home early from some engagement, then decides that Jim probably wants some privacy, so he'll just sit on the stoop until he gets hypothermia would fit perfectly in this trope.  Plus, as I'm sure we all know, the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.  OK, yeah, I bet there is a story like this.  Probably half a dozen.)  Regardless, please point me toward your favorite examples of No Common Sense!Blair. 



Not sure if this one of mine totally fits your first request or not:
Learning Curve by Lyn. Gen


Epilogue for Night Train. Part of my Life Is A Bridge series.
Actually T. Verano has another one that might fit what you're looking for.
Polishing Shoes. As in "New", it's set early in their association with the first Christmas together. It's kind of a gift of the magi story where they assume what the other would want.
Laurie wrote a follow-up story called "Discerning the Magi's Gift"
Both are gen.

These are for your "unorthodox partnership" request. I hope it's what you're looking for:

Byrd's Eye View by Starwatcher

Call Him a Dog by Lanning Cook

When Not in Rome by Joandark.

Proper Perspective by Ismaro. It's been a while since I've read this. It might be more hostility than you're looking for or it might be okay.

On The Outside by Deb Wright.

Explaining Mr Sandburg by Tazy. This falls under the bafflement heading.

Cool, thanks! I'll start looking at these right away.

the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

Grail, by Martha - fits this bill beautifully. Alas I can't find it online anymore - if you can't find it and want it I have a copy I can email.

Edited to add, it's not really a dumb!Blair story, just a Blair (accidentally) gets hypo story + nude snuggling.

Edited at 2010-03-02 11:41 am (UTC)

Re: the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

Martha's site was on Skeeter. She has some of her stories up at AO3, but not Grail.


(Sorry if you already knew that. :-))

Re: the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

Yeah, I had a good nose around, found some on 852 too, but not Grail - I have it though, should anyone be in need, just say the word.

Re: the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

Me too please!

willow_faerie_20 @ yahoo . com


Re: the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

I just checked out one of her others there--Plank, the one with the Waco-stye cult? That was really something.

Re: the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

Yes, please! My email is my userid at hotmail dot com.

Re: the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

On its way.

Re: the cure for hypothermia is nude snuggling.

I'm not seeing it, and I checked my spam filter. Can you try again? Be careful with the numbers--people often have trouble with them. (I'd change it, except I've had that email address for something like 15 years.)
Thanks! Yes, "wildly out of character" is probably what I was trying to get at when I said that this trope seemed silly--I mean, if Blair has been on his own since he was 16, if he thought you could just quit eating when you run out of money, he'd be dead. And also, ramen is like six for a dollar--that's three (boring and frankly sort of gross) meals a day for two days for a dollar. But at the same time, Blair being all self-sacrificing and Jim being all, "Oh, you idiot, let me take care of you" is, as I said, oddly compelling. A version of this trope that manages *not* to be wildly OOC would be great! I'm dashing off quickly to read your suggestion.
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