Shadow Shell (nightshadow_t2) wrote in sentinelficfind,
Shadow Shell

Geocities Fics

I hope this is ok. I couldn't find a Sentinel genre search comm. That could just be bad searching on my part though.

I'm looking for any Sentinel fics that are hosted on geocities sites. I figured that instead of panicking afterwards when I find a random rec and it leads to a deleted geos site I'd simply take my current free time and use my save/Iterasi button...while reading lots of fic, which means it takes longer, but is infinitely more enjoyable. I'm partial to slash and Gen. I will read het if it's accompanied by a slash pairing or turns into a slash pairing. I tend to prefer Jim/Blair (Trios are good too), but since there's this possibility of them just disappearing I'll take any pairing, characters, etc.
May the day be yours,
Tags: *recs, category: slash, fic links, pairing: jim/blair
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