Clueless Blair.

Hi.  I am looking for a couple of stories I have read and can no longer find. 

In the first one Blair didn't know he was dating Jim.  Jim went out of his way to plan outings that he knew Blair would enjoy.  I think they went to a Zydeco concert, an architectural tour of Cascade and possibly a museum.

In the second story Blair finds out that Jim has a Master's degree.  I believe it was in Military Science or Strategy.

Also-any other clueless Blair stories would be appreciated.


Want to Reread Two Stories

The first story is Jim wants a relationship with Blair, but Blair is reluctant. Jim starts dating another man, and Blair gets jealous. I just remember Jim telling Blair "he can not have it both ways" regarding Jim and a relationship. The second story is Jim looking for the person he met that made his senses act correctly. He and Blair go to a drive in restraunt, to the clerk at work, and finally they realize it is Blair who is making Jim's senses work correctly !!Thanks for the help !!

I'm looking for a story I read years ago.

Hi.  I'm looking for a story I read years ago and I'm not sure I have all the details correct.  I'm not even sure if it was gen or slash.

What I do remember:

An older woman moves into the building where JIm and Blair live.  I think she had been in the military.  Jim befriends her but Blair doesn't feel the same way about her.  I'm not sure but it might have been that she had some guide tendencies and that made Blair uncomfortable.

I hope someone can recognize this based on my very vague details.
S is for Sentinel

Jim faking death to go undercover

I'm posting on behalf of a TS fan without an LJ presence. They describe the story they're looking for as follows:
I read a fic about a year ago that I really want to read again, and I just can't find it for the life of me. It was on Ao3. The FBI or similar have Jim fake his death to catch some or other criminal, but don't tell Blair. So Blair is mourning, and hiding the fact that he's suicidal, and at the end Jim stops him just in time.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

Want to Reread

Happy Holidays !! Was looking for a Christmas fic in which Blair goes to his office and stays to give the gift of peace and quiet for the holiday. The other is a two or three story where Blair befriends a cop from Texas and Jim gets jealous. In the one story Jim and Blair go and help him solve a case in Mexico. The cops name I think was Jay and he came to cascade because he lost his partner in a shoot out !!Thanks for the help. I look forward to the good reads !!
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I believe the background is that Blair, working at the police station, has been facing some anti-gay harassment. Jim tries to keep an ear/eye on Blair because he is worried that it will move from verbal to physical. One day Blair takes the stairs and is followed by one of the worst of the harassers. Jim follows, but not close enough to be seen by either of them, and instead of having to intervene in an unpleasant situation, Jim overhears an unexpected conversation. The harasser gets Blair's attention with an offesive comment, but Blair instead of getting upset, acts as if the harasser is innocently unaware of what he is talking about and turns it into a lecture along the lines of "your prostate is your friend", and I think there is the metaphor that the human body is a playground and limiting oneself to heterosexual experiences is the equivalent of only using the swings and ignoring the rest of the play equipment. Jim ends up not making his presence known during the conversation (which I recall as being quite funny, as Blair's 'educational' reaction totally derails the harasser's intent to make Blair uncomfortable) and the confrontation ends with no negative outcome. Later Jim teases Blair about some of the wording Blair had used.