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Lost bodyguard fic

Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago. I don't remember the author's name or the title.

The fic is about Jim and Blair being bodyguards for a singer who's part of a big group of singers and dancers. At one point, the singer sings "Play Waltzin' Matilda for Me." There's a homosexual couple in the group who help Blair realize that he loves Jim.

G I Guide lost my story link

Hi, I am looking for a story called G I Guide. I was half way through and thought I had the link. I would like to finish reading the story because it was so good so far.

spoiler for story(that I had read so far)

Blair was taken from University and made to be a Guide. He was abused during his training. Finally, willingly, was given to Jim who eventually form their bond.

Thank you in advance, finlaure

Looking for cross over with Stargate SG-1 possible series

Any help in finding an old fic would be appreciated. I can't remember the title, author or where to find it, but it may have been on live journal. I don't remember much about the fic I am looking for so I'll do my best for what I do remember. Jim and Blair are kidnapped, possibly by Bracket or military, and taken to be trained to do secret missions. There are other Sentinel and Guides there. Jim and Blair don't cooperate and Blair is tortured and beaten by some of the guards, possibly raped. They cut off his hair and Jim makes a bracelet out of it to remember. Blair and his spirit guide stop one Sentinel who is abusing his Guide. They manage to escape and find the SG-1 team having a BBQ, maybe at Hammond's house. They tell them everything and start working for them to be safe and SG-1 rescues the other Sentinels and Guides.

It may be a series or have a sequel. Also it may have been a slash fic. It was quite long and it was complete.

Thank you

Jim sleeps with Blair's date in Blair's bed

Hello! I can't remember the title of the story, but essentially, Blair's date comes home but Blair is stuck somewhere and is late. Jim and the date have sex in Blair's bed. Much later, Jim calls the same woman over (she and Blair aren't dating anymore) and they have sex in Blair's bed again. Blair catches them. I think it ends with Jim and Blair having sex? But I can't remember how they get there.

It's not Francesca's fantastic *Mia*, as I just reread that.
It's not a "Jim is a jerk" story, though of course it is acknowledged as not a normal or okay thing to do.

Sentinels are known and feared

I am searching for an AU fic that I read in which sentinels are known and feared.  Society brands an "S" into their forhead and sets them to sea in anything that floats.  Because his father is wealthy Jim's father was able to afford a tattoo of the "S" instead of the branding and also got him a well equipped boat.  Jim meets Blair who lives in a family estate on the water and is not afraid of sentinels.  There is a flood (possible tsunami) and they have to leave the area.  They join forces with Simon's community from down river and eventually make it to South America where the people want sentinels.
Thanks!  Any help would be appreciated.
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LFS: Blair steps on bear/animal trap

Hey all,

With the world still on lockdown, I've delved back into reading fanficiton!

I'm looking for a fic in particular where Blair goes camping with Simon, Jim and a bunch of others from Major Crime (Henri and Rafe?).

While hiking, Blair accidentally steps on a bear/animal trap and is badly hurt. At some point in the fic, he is under the impression that the guys are annoyed/mad at him and he (Blair) attempts to leave the cabin on his own with a messed up leg.

I'm sure I have this fic saved somewhere, I'm a bit rusty at remembering authors and related fics.

Sound familiar?

Looking For Stories By Author . . .


I am trying to see if there are any remaining stories online by a long defunct author named 'Charon'. (She's Me)

I am trying to find any stories I had written to on an old Sentinel sight called 'Sentinel Angst'(?) or something like that, so I can prove to my children I wasn't lame and actually did write Fanfiction . . .


Looking for Sentinel/SG-1 crossover

I'm back lol. I'm looking for a specific crossover where Blair discover he's Daniels brother. It's NOT "Birds of a Feather". Its one of the ones where they join SGC.

Edit: I do remember that Blair finds out who his father is because Naomi sees a book written by Melburn Jackson and mention having met him.

Does this ring a bell?

Found: “Written in the stars” by VampireAlex https://archiveofourown.org/works/792530