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Nov. 9th, 2019

Susan Sturnick

Want to Reread

Wanted to reread a story where Jim was cheating on Blair and some of Major Crimes were covering for him, especially Simon. Another story I have tried looking for and not found is where Blair helps a bigwig or crime boss in Vegas and the FBI want him to turn on the guy and Blair will not do it and the guy helps Blair, sorry so vague but I have looked and not found it ! Thanks for the help !!

Oct. 29th, 2019




i'm searching for a fic where jim reads blair's journal or diary and learns he likes to be spanked and decides to claim his guide

i don't remember the title!!!!!!

can you help me?????

thanks in advance!!!!!

May. 22nd, 2019


FBI agent Blair

I remember reading a sentinel/guides are known slash fic a while back where Jim and Blair do not meet in Cascade but in New York . Blair is an FBI agent (profiler, I think) and he calls 'his Sentinel' to come to him after a case goes wrong. If I remember correctly, Blair is also a shaman. I would like to re-read the fic but can't remember who wrote it or where I found it.

May. 2nd, 2019

Susan Sturnick

Want to Reread

Looking for a fic where Blair talks Jim into going to a hotel in the pretense it is for a Naomi visit and proceeds to fumble tying up Jim to talk with him !!! In the end they end up together ! Thanks ahead of you finding it !!!

Mar. 31st, 2019



A fic I've been earnestly looking for is the one where Blair goes undercover by pretending to be a crossdresser/prostitute (not really sure) in order to catch some bad guy. There's a scene where he's roughed up a bit and Jim nearly loses it. It's Gen. Thanks in advance.

Mar. 30th, 2019


Looking for Lory fics


I'm looking for Lory's fics. Nothing is coming up with Wayback Machine off wolfshy's site.

Can anyone help — or have the fics saved?


~ Q

Feb. 21st, 2019


Probably in the GDP universe


I have been wracking my brains and sifting through my bookmarks, and I can't seem to find this.  It feels like something that should have been written in the style of the GDP universe, but I may be wrong.

Jim is sends Blair to the organization, (or Blair is already there as an unbonded guide...memory is kind of fuzzy here) and the guards break both of his arms.  The idea was to have Blair 100% dependent on Jim for everything.  I think his fingers are pretty much all broken as well.  Does this ring any bells?

Jan. 13th, 2019

user pic


LFS: AU Blair on the run, meets Jim

Hello all,

I'm sure I have this archived somewhere, but can't for the life of me remember the title of this fic or the author.

It's AU, and in it, Blair is driving in a storm(?) and to avoid hitting a deer, swerves off road and ends up in a ditch. Jim, while driving behind him sees and LFS: AU Blair on the run, meets Jim

Hello all,

I'm sure I have this archived somewhere, but can't for the life of me remember the title of this fic or the author.

It's AU, and in it, Blair is driving in a storm(?) and to avoid hitting a deer, swerves off road and ends up in a ditch. Jim, while driving behind him sees and rescues him. Jim's character is a doctor(?). Blair's character is on the run from an influential, pushy ex. Simon is a deputy who doesn't trust Blair when he first meets him due to Blair's ex spreading rumors that he stole his car. 

Sound familiar to anyone?

Nov. 22nd, 2018



Sentinel fusion fic with NCIS

I'm looking for a really old Sentinel fusion, crossed with NCIS. Sentinels and Guides are known. Tony calls a suicide hotline that specilizes in helping Sentinels and Guides. He's already planning on killing himself, but he wants them to know what happened, or wants to make sure his body is found. I think Blair ends up on the phone with him, trying to get him to let them find him in time. While they're talking with him, they suddenly realize that Tony is a Wolf Guide, which basically means that he is really powerful and super rare, so they're desperate to find him. I think they hear him talking to his spirit animal while he's on the phone.I know when they realize what his spirit animal is it causes a huge stir, because there hasn't been a documented Wolf Guide in years, and they're basically all going,'We can't afford to lose this man, it will be a huge tragedy.' I think it's also implied that being a Wolf Guide means his empathy is really high, so they're wondering what could have broken him so badly. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please?

Edit:  So, it has been pointed out to me that I unfortunately had my wires crossed, and was confusing two different stories, one of which has been found in comments.  Apologies to the community for the error.  For the record, if anyone else has any good fusion stories with NCIS, I would love to read them.  Especially if they deal with Tony's character receiving help; the way his character was treated during the last few seasons of the show, (both by the other characters, and by the show writers) left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Nov. 3rd, 2018

auron hotness


LFS Blair injured protecting Jim

Alright, I give. I've been lurking here for years and, alas, I need help finding a fic. I honestly only vaguely remember the story, but I'm hoping it'll ring bells for someone.

I think the scene takes place somewhere in the middle of the story. I'm pretty sure that Jim was not himself for some reason. There was a hostage situation or something and the SWAT team was present. The situation was getting tense and the SWAT snipers couldn't get a clear shot. Despite Blair's protests, Jim decides to go up to where the snipers were positioned and take the shot himself. He fires and hits his target, but the perps were firing back. Blair pushes Jim out of the way before he can get shot. Jim thinks everything is fine and then realizes that Blair was hit.

I don't know, I'm pretty sure I found this recommended somewhere here, but I've been poking around for ages and haven't come across it. Does any of this sound familiar?

Oct. 31st, 2018


Looking for 2 stories

Hi. I’m looking for two stories.

1. Case fic. Guides and Sentiels are known. I think that guides are treated badly. Blair works at the police department as a janitor, I think he’s on probation. There’s a serial killer who is killing people based on a tv show. He’s killing people after an episode airs.

2. Another case fic. The boys are investigated a serial killer. They are working with another department or city. The killings are strange. But Blair recognizes something. I think it’s a group of killers and they number their victims. A cop was one of the killers.

Sorry for the short descriptions.


Halloween stories

Howdy! It is Halloween and it is raining and thundering!! I am looking for somewhat scary stories. Somewhat scary as in no main character permanent death, no gore, no horrible torture. I love slash Jim and Blair!!! Self recs are welcome. Thank you in advance, finlaure
Did I mention I have a black cat staring at me??

Oct. 25th, 2018



Missing fiction.... Blair famous, guide finder

Hi. I'm seeking a specific fiction, but i barely remember it. Jim is told he will be providing security for Blair, who is famous a guide matchmaker? Blair gets crowded everywhere he goes by sentinels that want Blair to find them guides? Of course, Blair is meant for Jim, though. That is all I remember. Help, please.

Oct. 6th, 2018


Jim arresting protesters

Howdy, I am watching the police arrest all the protesters in Washington and it reminded me of a story where Jim had to arrest a bunch of people including an old lady. I think it was on the campus, maybe not. I just remember Jim was extra careful with the older lady and still got in trouble with the community for arresting her. For some reason I think Blair was a cop too.
I would like to read the story again so please any help, Thanks in advance, finlaure

Sep. 17th, 2018


The Jaime Series by Gillian Middleton

I’m looking for the Jaime series. I heard about it from the woman who wrote Everything’s Jake on AO3 which I completely recommend. And leads besides dreamwidth which links don’t work would be wonderful, please and thank you.

Oct. 5th, 2018

Mac - harlequin


Blair/Jim future fic

I'm looking for a Jim/Blair fic. I can't remember all details i am sure it was a future fic but I am think they buy a house? to renovate as like a B and B or motel and I think Eli (Blair's mentor) stayed at some point.
Does that sound familiar? Thanks for any help!

Sep. 2nd, 2018


LFS Blair is beat up while Jim is away from the loft

Howdy, I am looking for a story where Blair gets beaten up very bad by a group of men while Jim is away from the loft for a weekend or something. Blair keeps saying that he didn't tell them anything. I thought it was from the episode Crossroads but it might not be. It may or may not be slash, but since that is mainly what I read, I think it is. Thank you in advance, finlaure


Research - volunteers needed

Hello All,

You all were always increadible helpfull when it comes to finding the stories  I managed to lost somehow, and I hope you will be able to help me with different matter.

I currently work on my PhD in literature (and believe me, I trully understand some of Blair's problems...). My dissertation is actually about fanfiction (nothing like researching the thing you love) and I need some additional information concerning fandom and fanfiction.

I was hoping you would be willing to take part in my research and fill in the questionaire. It is anonymus and completly voluntary.
The results will be used in my dissertation (duh!) and maybey published later (I wish...)

The more answers I get the better, so If you could take few minutes from your busy life and answer few questions, I would be eternally grateful.

Just please go to this link:

Thank you all In advance :)

Sep. 1st, 2018

2010, Eagle


Arnie website

Hi everyone,

I was trying to read Arnie's one Good Turn and The Wrong Guide, but the links arent working. Anyone have some working links or know where the stories moved to?


Aug. 18th, 2018

Slash Gambit


Looking for a specific Blair centric story

The main parts I remember is Blair is dating a female student who is basically using Blair to pass her courses. With help, Jim, Steven, their dad and MC, work together to get Blair an award at a policemens' award night and his doctorate I believe. I think it ends with J/B. Steven “seduces” Blair’s date showing him how shallow she is. Jim comes out at the ceremony and explains how Blair sacrificed himself for Jim’s safety so that the award for “Best Cop” should be shared with Blair.

Help? Please and Thank you.

Aug. 16th, 2018

all hail!!


Reality TV AU

Hi there, appreciate the help in advance. I'm looking for an AU fic in a Sentinel/Guides are Known universe where Jim was experiencing increasing frequent zone-outs and spikes so he was forced to join a reality tv program where sentinels were matched with guides like The Bachelor. Alex was also part of the show along with some other sentinels that might have been original characters. Took place on a tropical island or something I think?

Aug. 8th, 2018


Blair Abused as a Child, Irresponsible In-denial Naomi/Blair Abused as a Child by Step-Uncle

I'm actually looking for a series. Some stories are from Blair's POV, Jim's POV, and Simon's POV - I think there might be one or two from Naomi's POV as well. I'm not sure what triggers it, but it comes out that Blair was sexually abused as a child as a result of Naomi up and leaving him with whoever when she went roving about. During the confrontation between Blair and Naomi over his abuse he screams at her that she actually "lost" him one time - she'd left him with someone named Crystal (I think) who decided to marry mainstream and leave commune/hippy-style life behind so she dropped Blair with her cousin or maybe a neighbour who was married to a paedophile. When Jim confronts Naomi he tells her that the trauma of rape is overwhelming for Blair and Naomi dismisses him saying that using the word rape to describe what happened to Blair is a disservice to all women who've been victimised. I think Simon steps in then before Jim loses it - because he's really about to lose it. Jim goes off to the gym to pummel the boxing bag because he feels helpless that there's nothing he can do to Blair's abuser. Simon talks to Naomi, or Naomi reflects that Blair can have no idea what rape is (she is a rape survivor and her uncle is Blair's father) and basically whines that no one is taking her side or considering how difficult it was for her to raise such an intelligent and precocious child who was always asking questions, always talking, and always demanding attention. Seriously, there were a lot of fics in this series. I'd like to revisit it.

And speaking of child abuse - there's another fic where Blair almost has a step-father named Tony (who I think wrote a children's book for Blair) who is brain damaged in a flash flood on his way to Blair's baseball game. His brother is a sheriff (or FBI agent) and takes care of Blair while Tony is in the hospital and Naomi sits by his bedside. The brother is a sadist - beats Blair, rapes Blair with his service revolver - but Blair runs away to a neighbor and the neighbor sends him back to the sadist. Adult Blair, Jim, and Simon confront the neighbour about Blair's escape and the swastika-tatooed, chain-smoking a**hole proudly admits he knew what was happening to Blair and sent him back. He says they should give him a medal because he protected the town's boys by making sure the "pervert" wouldn't go after any other children since he had Blair, and it was okay because Blair's Jewish (and therefore worth less than the other boys in town).

I hope I've got enough description here to jog some memories!

Jul. 18th, 2018


Loking for Cindarella fics

Hello All,

Could you please recommend some sentinel fanfics following basic Cindarella theme?

I would be interested in texts in which one of the characters is rich (or at least well of), handsome and so on, and falls in love with other character that is poor / abused  / hurt /  unatractive etc, saving him from previous life.

I don't care which of the boys will be cast in Cindarella role, and what setting will be (though I would be gratefull for at least some examples that are not fairy tales). I'm assuming that most of them will be slash, but I would also accept the stories in which, instead of normal romantic relationship, the boys bond as Sentinal and Guide, if it will follow the pattern of Cindarella story.

I'm pretty sure I encountered several of those (both romance and sentinel bonding) during my time in the fandom, and now I can't recall any title, which is actually rather tipical :(

BTW, If you remember some really interesting example from some other fandom, I would like to hear of it (as long as the canon itself is not based on this theme   - I'm looking for texts that were transformed)

Thanks a lot in advance

Jul. 17th, 2018



Looking for Blair/Jim and ex friends

Hello All,

I just finished rereading Alyjude's Holding On where Blair's ex comes back.  It reminded me of a story where one of Blair's ex acquaintances used to steal anything of Blair's: fame, his work, etc.  I think he returns to Cascade and sets his sights on Jim because he thinks he can take whatever is Blair's.

So, I am looking specifically for that story and for any story where Jim and Blair face rivals who are trying to separate Blair and Jim.


Jul. 10th, 2018


Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Recs for stories dealing with Blair and Jim intervening/investigating domestic violence and child abuse cases - with Blair as a cop or not. I'm reading Candy Apple's These Two Hearts series at the moment and would like to see more of Blair and Jim caring for abused vulnerable people.

There's one fic in particular that comes to mind, but I'm short on details. All I remember is that the abuser is a very wealthy and respected member of the community. At the funeral of the dead little girl Blair rips the lace collar off her dress and condemns her teachers, the community at large, and all the socialites for being more concerned with social status than a child's life. There's also something about Blair figuring that the father poured kitty litter at the scene because blood is hard to get out of expensive flooring.

Jul. 9th, 2018


Jim Loses His Family

I recollection of details on this one is pretty slim, but I've been through the posts tagged with Steven Ellison and haven't found it yet. Jim is meant to join Steven and William at a fancy marina restaurant. He's just gotten into a relationship with Blair and William does not approve and the dinner is tense, especially because Jim is late and William, Blair, and Steven are trying to make small talk on the marina before dinner and it's not going well. Blair notices one boat, The Daisy, heading out and wishes he was on it. I don't remember if Jim and Blair fight over the outcome of the dinner but shortly after Steven and William die under suspicious circumstances and Jim pulls away from Blair (really he's afraid of losing Blair, but Blair reads it as Jim not caring about him anymore in the face of losing his "real" family). It's all tied to witnesses against a crime boss name Frost, I think, or Frost is the boss's accountant and disappears, something like that. Help?

Jul. 1st, 2018


Jim in fugue state/coma

I’m going to feel really dumb when someone finds this story. I just read it a few weeks ago and absolutely cannot find it.

Jim is in love with Blair. Jim’s father dies and Jim is staying at his house for a while. He somehow sees/hears Blair with a woman and it’s all too much for him. He goes back to his father’s place and zones/goes into a fugue state. He comes out when he hear Blair in danger and he runs barefoot to Blair and kills several bad guys before collapsing close to Blair who tells him not to “go away” again. It hurts Jim a lot to be living with Blair, but to not be WITH Blair and he starts to leave to go to Peru, but Blair gets angry and threatens to have him declared mentally incompetent/unfit or tossed in jail if he does. Jim leaves anyway and Stephen, Simon, and Blair catch up to him at the second airport and take him home. I believe discussions ensue.

I feel really dumb that I remember so much detail, but cannot find this story. I have been googling for ages and nothing.

Story has been found by franscats! It's Lifeline by Legion:


Jun. 25th, 2018



Someone Trying to Videotape Jim and Blair

Hello All,

I've been trying to find this story but don't remember the title or the author.  I think it involves Jim being a dark sentinel so I was looking through all the GDP stories and didn't find it.

In the story, a girl wanted to tape Jim and Blair bonding (I think because Jim was a dark sentinel) and so while Blair was running tests on Jim at Rainier she does something to trigger his blessed protector mode and tapes what happens.  She didn't get to take the tape then — I think because a professor came along.  When she came back to get it later, Blair had figured out what she was doing and had beaten her to the tape.

I hope this is enough info for someone to find the story and thanks.

Jun. 18th, 2018



Jim's family targeted

Hi everyone, you all were so awesome helping me find some stories recently that I could not locate, so you'd think I would have learned my lesson and made sure that I was bookmarking and/or saving them now, right?! Oh! No! Apparently I like to make myself frustrated, I in fact thrive on frustration, so here's hoping you brilliant people will be willing to help me find one more story that has decided to escape the slippery confines of not only my electronic devices but the ever increasing black hole that has become my brain!! I'm sorry, it's late and I'm a little punch drunk, so here's the story I'm looking for...
I know for a fact it is Slash, in it, Jim's family is being targeted, I think in fact that both his father and brother die. Jim starts pushing Blair away, and Blair ends up getting hit by a car. I think the reason was that Blair and Jim's father and brother had seen something that they weren't supposed to. I can't remember why Jim wasn't with them, but I do remember Jim thinking its his fault, when it's really not...
Does this sound at all familiar to anyone?! Its seriously driving me insane, cause I swear I just recently saw this one but I can't for the life of me remember where. I did think it was by PJ but I checked what I could over at AO3 and came up empty. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated!!

Jun. 10th, 2018


Please Help? Looking for a Bonding fic...


I hate to bother everyone, but I have been looking for a bonding fic for ages and I can not find it.

I believe it was Gen, but building to Slash. Jim discovered if he bit into a certain part of Blairs neck, Blair would effectively be paralyzed and Jim was able to smell/touch/taste to his hearts content, while Blair gets blissed out on horomones? .... Blair tells Jim that there is mention in Burtons original works of a reluctant guide not wanting to bond to a sentinel, and that Burton supposedly observed an ancient Sentinel and Guide biting and bonding like this. Blair said that Burtons wife was a prude, and she refused to let some of his work be published. So this particular document was not initially published and it took Blair a while to find it.

I know at one point, Jim compares this bonding to car maintenance- he tells Blair that the biting and full bonding is nessary only once in a while, like a full tune up, but that he can sustain himself on a few quick sniffs, like a regular bi-monthly oil change.

I have searched through the tags here on ficfind and nothing seems to match, but as I know very little about the fic itself, it is possible I have ovrr looked the story.

Thank you so much for your help!

Jun. 8th, 2018

Aisha Davis

Looking for xover with SG1 Fic


I only remember vague details of this story. Daniel Jackson brought some kind of book to Sandburg to translate. Unknown to jackson jim and blair had same book which is half of other book. Once Blair and Jim touched the new book no one can touch it without getting electroshock.

jack and Daniel had to bring jim and blair to meet the shaman who gave the book and the warriors test the book's protection. The last part of story is that blair tells jack and Daniel to not drink any cup of water given by the villagers because it is sort of marriage proposal.

Anyone remember it?
Edit: Remembered some more.
When Blair and Jim went to the planet which gave the original book to jackson, Blair realized the first man who presented to be shaman is not shaman, it is actually young woman once it was verified that the book was under protection of shaman and Sentinel, they do some kind of treaty with SG people. and the shaman explains the reason for sent jackson on the mission to find a sentinel and shaman pairing. When it was known to the villagers that Jake touched the book and still lived, they treated him like hero/god.

Jun. 1st, 2018


YS McCool where to request passwords *gotten from author

Howdy, I have lost my password for YS McCool stories site, (cat knocked off all my paperwork and it must have flown under couch or something) Please help me so I can read these wonderful stories again. Where do I go to request them? Thanks in advance, finlaure

I finally figure out how to get a hold of the author and received the password. Thank you everyone for your efforts.

May. 26th, 2018


Blair leaves Jim’s health deteriorates

I’m looking for a specific story where Blair leaves Cascade (I don’t remember why for sure, but I believe related to the dissertation fiasco) and when he comes back Jim has quit the force and has moved to a cabin because his health and control over his senses has deteriorated so much. Blair comes back and I believe there is a happy ending. (It’s not the one where Jim is furious with Blair for leaving and then finds out Blair was very sick in another country for 18 months). It’s kind of vague, but I hope somebody recognizes it.

EDIT 1: A question in the comments made me remember more! I’m fairly certain that Simon goes and visits Jim regularly and that he is how Blair finds out where Jim is.

In addition, if anybody knows of any other fics where this happens, I would love to read them! Blair leaving - whether his choice or Jim’s - and Jim deteriorating is my weakness! (I’ve already read the series by Candy Apple where Blair ends up in an abusive relationship after leaving Jim).

EDIT 2: I believe I was mixing up two different stories and one of them has been found! It's Canary in a Coal Mine by Sokra42

I believe there is still a story out there that I've read where Jim does go to a remote location, but that he doesn't think he'll recover and essentially goes to die. Again, I do believe that Simon knows where he is and for some reason was unable to contact Blair when Jim started deteriorating.

Anyway, thank you for all the suggestions and recommendations below. They are alllllll awesome.

May. 22nd, 2018


Looking for a fic

It was a gen fic where they were trying to bait a prostitute killer by having Blair dress up as a prostitute. He got roughed up a bit on one of the nights and Jim got all crazy over protective when he picked him up that night. Does it ring a bell? Thanks in advance!

May. 19th, 2018


Looking for any stories with a wedding between Jim and Blair

After watching the Royal wedding today I am really in the mood to read about a wedding between Jim and Blair. I don't care if it is in cannon or AU. Set up by parents or they just find each other. Long or reallly long. I just want to read ya'lls favorites too. Thanks in advance, finlaure

May. 18th, 2018

2010, Eagle


Fic search: Naomi hits Jim with frying pan...

I'm sure this is a super obvious story. But isnt there an au story where Naomi comes to visit and hits Jim with a frying pan thinking he is a thief?



Can't find Sentinel stories, please help!

Ok, I really need help finding some stories I read ages ago;
1st is a short story where Jim is working with his father and brother in the family business, but he's really struggling with his senses. I remember William wants him to woo this rich socialite who just happens to be Naomi Sandburg, Jim starts dating her, but is actually seeing Blair. I remember at some point William puts Jim in Conover and Naomi and Blair break him out..
2nd story has Blair kidnapped by Alex Barnes, they are on their way to the Temple, she keeps touching him to the point that when Jim finally catches up with him, he literally drowns Blair in one of the temple pools trying to remove her scent. The other thing I remember the most was that Blair would flinch every time Jim touched him...
And the 3rd story is told from Jim's point of view, he tells what happened to Blair during a bank robbery/hostage situation. Blair is killed during this crisis and Jim watches it happen, unable to prevent or help his partner. The story follows Jim as he lives without Blair, until its 20 years later, and hes having a conversation with Steven and suddenly has a heart attack. He hears Steven yelling at him not leave and then the voice changes into that of Blair. Jim wakes up to find out, he's in the hospital, and that he was the one held hostage during the bank robbery, not Blair, and that he was the one hurt. Blair is alive and its a few days after the incident.
I have checked a bunch of tags on here, but I did not find any of these stories...pretty please help me!!

May. 14th, 2018


LFS First annual county music festival

Howdy, I am looking for a series and I know one of the stories in the series is called something close to "The first annual county music festival". I remember Blair has taken Jim out of the city for his health. I would really like to read the series again. Thank you in advance, finlaure

May. 13th, 2018

user pic


LFS: intruder in the loft

I read this a while ago and can't find this fic anywhere or remember the name.

All I remember is that Jim and Blair are asleep in the loft and someone breaks into the loft with the intent to assault Blair.

The intruder chloroforms Blair and tries to hurt him and Jim wakes up. The intruder and Jim fight while Blair is semi-conscious and Jim ends up killing the intruder. The fic ends with Jim and Blair playing Go Fish.

Anyone remember this fic?

May. 2nd, 2018


Jim zones on a bomb

Please help me find this story. I don't remember much. Jim zones while disarming a bomb. I think he was high up on a bridge support. Blair goes after him. I think that later in the story Blair is at the station while Joel examines the bomb. I am pretty sure it was gen. Thanks

I just want to add more detail. Jim is on a beam or bridge support anyway a high place. Simon has called Blair. H arrives they talk, then Blair straddles the beam? and scoots along till he reaches Jim, talking the whole time. Blair leans against Jim. Jim comes out of the zone disarms the bomb. Jim wants Blair to turn around and go back. Blair says no way. So Jim turns around and they scoot back along the beam.

Honestly I can remember this whole scene but nothing else. Thanks

Apr. 30th, 2018


Sentinel NCIS crossover

Can’t find a fic where Blair & Jim have to help Tony (NCIS) after Gibbs comes online, but rejects a bond with Tony. They take him back to loft & there is much angst. It is not Growing Pains.

Apr. 9th, 2018


Looking for story where Jack is Blair's father

Howdy, I can't figure out how to use the wayback machine,,, I am a dinosaur. I am looking for a story where Jack from SG1 is really Blair's father. Something has happened between Blair and Jim and Blair turns up at Jack's doorstep and Daniel answers the door. Blair didn't know about Charlie dying because Naomi lied to Blair. I hope this is enough information. Thanks in advance, finlaure

Apr. 7th, 2018


LF working link for The Sentinel And Guide Of Atlantis by Belladonna

Howdy, as the subject line says I am looking for a working link for The Sentinel And Guide Of Atlantis by Belladonna . The only link I have goes to Area 52 which hasn't worked for a loooong time. Please help as this is one of my favorite stories! Thanks in advance, finlaure

Mar. 22nd, 2018

zodiac, Sagittarius


"The Long Goodbye" reporting 'scary' broken link

Hello, My Lovelies!
I was going back through my Sentinel fics, over on AO3 and felt a hankering to re-read "The Long Goodbye" by Kikkimax. So, I hopped over here and voila, got the link (http://www.fanfic.otherplaces.net/long_goodbye1.htm) and it now takes you to a page that my 'Avast' antivirus doesn't like, at all!:( She hasn't posted it to her AO3 profile, either.
I tried doing a web search, but no go. I'm so sad; I love that story!
Maybe y'all will have better luck!
I used to have a massive library of all my favorite fan fics, downloaded to a 2Tb backup drive, but it died (FYI: I'll never trust Seagate again! They wanted to charge me $600.00 to 'recover' my data, on a drive that was still under warranty!)
I'll cross my fingers, that one of y'all can track it down.

Update: Thank you, all for your lovely replies! I've now 'bookmarked' the 'Web Archive' link to my AO3 bookmarks, but when Kikkimax posts it to her page, I'll delete it. Thanks, again, y'all! XXXXXOOOOOO:D

Mar. 20th, 2018



Looking for two stories where Naomi interferes wtih Jim and Blair at a hospital.

Hi.  I am in the mood for meddling/interfering Naomi and am looking for two stories.

I think the first is gen.  In the first story, Jim and Blair are in an accident and while both are unconscious in the hospital, Naomi has herself declared Blair's guardian and takes Blair out of state to get him away from Jim.  When he wakes up, Naomi tells Blair that Jim is dead.

I think the second story is slash.  In the second story, Blair is hurt and in the hospital.  Naomi refuses to allow Jim to see Blair and so Jim sneaks Blair down to the hospital basement to stand guard over him.

Thanks for the help.

Mar. 7th, 2018

Susan Sturnick

Want to Reread

The first story I was looking for was Jim kissing Blair as he went out the door with a bagel Jim prepared for him. It took awhile for Blair to catch on what Jim was doing ! The second story was Jim is tired of the tests and says Blair is in denial about his sexuality. I think Jim kisses Blair or more, but I cannot remember !! I hope you ladies can take time out of the wonderful bingo writings and help find these reads ! Thanks

Feb. 20th, 2018


Coming to AO3

Hello, everyone — my fic will be (gradually) updated and uploaded to AO3.

The link is (gosh, I hope) http://archiveofourown.org/users/Quiltaday/pseuds/Quiltaday

I've uploaded the first; a missing scene.

At least I think I did it right .....

Feb. 16th, 2018


Cassie frightened to death

I vaguely remember a fic where Jim confronts Cassie in an alley and frightens her to death. She cannot find her inhaler after Jim leaves her. Very dark fiction. Any help is appreciated. I do not remember if it is gen or slash. Thanks.

Feb. 13th, 2018


AU Story that's driving me nuts!

Hi everyone. I'm looking for an AU story that basically took Sen Too and ran with it in a completely wacko direction. Here's what I remember:

Blair is working in his office when in comes his wife, who is none other than Alex Barnes. She's there to inform him that 1) they are not actually married because she was already married to someone else, and 2) that she is there to kill him.

Cut to the future, I don't remember how Jim got involved in things, people think Blair tried to commit suicide because Alex left him (I think), and Jim is seeing Blair in the Blue Jungle. At some point the apartment that Blair used to live in with Alex blows up or is otherwise destroyed. The Temple of the Sentinels makes an appearance, and at some point Alex either tries to bond with Jim or tries to rebond with Blair, or maybe both, or maybe just stop them from being able to bond with each other. I think she's basically made it impossible for them to use the pools in the Temple to bond, so after Jim has saved Blair, the end up bonding some other way.

Any ideas?


Feb. 7th, 2018

Jim and Blair


OT: SEntinel Bingo Challenge

We’re got a Sentinel Bingo challenge going at AO3. So far there are already 19 stories and more coming as I’m typing. Here is the link for the archive stories. http://archiveofourown.org/collections/SenBingo
If you are interested in joining in, we would love to have you. If you go to AO3 on the main page, it tells you all the rules that you need to know. Morgan and I are here for you if you have any questions. Here is the link for the main page of Sentinel Bingo on AO3.
If you want to go to Live Journal Sentinel Bingo, here is the link. It also has everything listed you need to know. https://sentinelbingo.livejournal.com/
The next place is Dreamwidth Sentinel Bingo. Here is the link for that one. And as I said before, we’re here to answer any questions you have. https://sentinelbingo.dreamwidth.org/

I hope you’ll all join in for the fun and read what is there already. Enjoy!

Hugs, Patt

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