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Mar. 24th, 2017



Looking for Daryl-centric futurefic, guide!Daryl/OMC

It's a Stargate (Atlantis) crossover with a split plot, one focus on Blair and Jim and the crossover crew, but the main story is about Daryl who becomes fascinated with guides and sentinels after B&J 'pass away'. I think he trains to be a shaman, travels to Ireland, wakes up coma patients, and finally his sentinel (ex-military OMC) comes to Cascade and they meet. Near the end of the fic there's an earthquake or something.

I've searched my files and the archives and it's driving me around the bend. Please help me find it?

Mar. 23rd, 2017


LFS, B.J. Sandburg by Alyjude

I have looked All over and can not find the story B.J. Sandburg by Alyjude. skip for spoilers...

Found quickly,,, not by Alyjude,,,, link in comments. I feel like doing a faceplant.


Blair turns into a woman and then he and Jim fall in love.

I Reallllly want to read this again so please help me find it. Thanks in advance, finlaure

Mar. 21st, 2017


LFS Homeless Jim with two little girls befriended by Blair

Howdy, I am looking for a story I read a long time ago. Jim had come back from the jungle but had not become a cop. He was homeless and taking care of two little girls who were not his own. Blair befriends them and helps. That is all I remember. I am pretty sure it is slash. Thanks in advance, finlaure

Mar. 7th, 2017


New Year's Eve

Sorry to be a pain. Now looking for story where Blair is dressed as the New Year baby at a police party. Then is hit by a drunk driver while driving Jim's truck.

Feb. 25th, 2017


Retaliation by P.B.

Did Panda bear (P.B.) ever write the story Retaliation? I saw a reference to it on Wolfpup's Den. It is the sequel to her story Retribution. I hope so, and I hope someone can point me to it. Thank you.

Feb. 24th, 2017


Blair inheritance story

What I remember is that a close father figure of Blair's dies, and requested that Blair be at the estate auction when it is held. Blair wants to buy a special picture that reminds him of a special time with this man. I think it is general. I hope someone can help


Feb. 23rd, 2017


LFL to "Flung roses flung"

I am looking for a working link to the story "Flung roses flung" and its sequeal . I absolutly LOVE Blair in the story and really want to read it again. the only link I could find in my tabs wouldn't work. Thanks in advance, finlaure

Feb. 12th, 2017

2010, Eagle


FicFind: Major Case Squad Team Building

Hey Everyone,

Looking for a fic I only barely remember. The Major Case Team is in the woods all together and they have to work together to get out of them.

I can't remember if they were tricked out their for a team building exercise or if there was a vehicle crash.

I read mostly slash so it maybe slash, but could also be gen.

Other fic recommendations where the whole team pulls together would be fun too.


Found: link in comments


William Ellison, Champion of Guide Rights

I've been searching for this a couple weeks and have reached frustration saturation. This is an AU. Jim is online and is going to die without a guide. At first his father wants to make laws forcing guides to register. Jim begs him to help guides instead. He turns into the leading voice in guide rights. Meanwhile Blair was stuck in Peru or someplace without his passport.

I believe there was a sequel as well that involved Naomi getting kicked out of the center? Not sure.

Does anybody out there recognize this?

Thanks for the quick response. You guys are great! This has been FOUND.
It's I Shall Believe by Keira Marcos. Part of here 2015 evil author day posts.

Feb. 7th, 2017


looking for more H/C stories either Jim or Blair

After reading, and crying, through the last posts three stories, I am in a mood for more stories in the same catagory. So, could everyone please give me their suggestions for the best H/C stories, either Jim taking care of Blair or Blair taking care of Jim. Slash would be much prefered and no more death stories also, I am almost out of tissues, but if they are realllly good okay. Oh, I realllly don't like Alec Barnes so if they could excluded her mostly that would be great. Thank you in advance, finlaure

Feb. 6th, 2017


J/B outed; Jim takes care of a brain damaged Blair

Been away from TS fandom for awhile so I may have some details mixed up with another threesome of stories.  I THINK this is told in three stories, and I'm even less sure that it's by two or three different authors.  Jim and Blair are lovers.  They are outed to the department help comes too slowly when they're cornered in a shootout.  Blair is either shot or beaten, which puts him in the hospital.  Someone (a cop?) sneaks in Blair's room and cuts off his oxygen, long enough for bain damage.  Jim takes Blair and disappears.  (I think he stays around long enough for the rogue cop to be caught, then tells Simon they're leaving.)  Jim hires a male nurse/care giver to assist him in taking care of a childlike Blair.  The last story has Blair dying from complications (pneumonia?).   He becomes cogent enough to give Jim his blessing to get with the nurse.

Feb. 3rd, 2017

hear more


Sentinels/guides are known. Emil? is dead?!

I remember reading a fic where Jim had a (genetically engineered?) guide named Emil (or Eli?) who died and Jim went to a center and picked up "old" used guide Blair. Blair had been abused by an art-dealing sentinel.

I specifically remember Blair listening to some of the genetically engineered guides talking about another guide whose life has been ruined because he now has to sit in the back seat next to his sentinel's newborn screaming baby.

Blair went back to the guide center at night and was abused by the staff.
Some asshole pisses on his clothes and books.

Turns out Emil isn't dead? Maybe?

At first Jim's colleagues at the station don't like Blair but they end up caring.

I might be imagining this since I'm sick with the flu and have lost 4 kg in 4 days and parts of my brain might have turned to snot and dribbled out my nose but I'm almost 100% sure this is an actual fic.

I've tagget future!fic because I'm almost sure this is about engineered guides and slavery because I don't really think Blair has a choice in being Jim's guide. Jim buys him or his services through the center. Bonding might also be a part of the fic.

Feb. 1st, 2017


Forgot To Add...

Another fic I'm also earnestly looking for is the one where Blair goes undercover by pretending to be a crossdresser/prostitute (not really sure) in order to catch some bad guy. There's a scene where he's roughed up a bit and Jim nearly loses it. It's Gen. Thanks in advance.


Looking for a fic

Hello. I'm looking for three Gen fics.
The first one has someone breaking into the loft and threatening to inject Blair with pure Heroin in the neck and Jim goes berserk over it. I don't really remember much about it except for that scene.

The second fic Blair collapses because of hypoglycaemia or something and after that Jim claims that he could smell something fruity in Blair's breath which was a sign.

The third one is a post-Sentinel Too Part 2 fic where after flying back to America a sick and fed up Blair refuses to move back in with Jim hence Simon offers him a place to stay. Jim tries to reconcile with Blair and goes to the extent of getting Blair his algae-shake blender. That's all I remember.
Thanks in advance.
Jim and Blair


I need to get politics off my mind.

Are there any stories with Iron Man and The Sentinel? I don't want all of the avengers, just Iron Man or maybe even Thor. But I do want The Sentinel. Jim/Blair. Please someone give me something to read that will take my mind off these horrible things going on in my country right now. Actually, I would take any odd crossover. Something I've never thought about before. Thank you.

Jan. 31st, 2017



Jim has to share Blair?

Are there any fics in which Jim has to share his Guide after he and Blair are already established/bonded firmly as Sentinel and Guide?

I was looking through Neichan's works based upon the mention in the previous request and saw Two Sentinels https://archiveofourown.org/works/796819 which was summarized as "Guides are increasingly rare, Sentinels are now expected to share them."  For some reason I expected that to be a change to their already established pair bond but instead the story was set as Blair being assigned to both Jim and Rafe at their very first meeting. So now I'd like to read something to satisfy where I had it in my head it was going to go. In a perfect world it would contain angst and a possessive, protective Jim. It can be slashy or can be a platonic bond. Doesn't matter. Just something in which protective, possessive, control freak Jim is forced, or an attempted enforcement, to share his Guide.

I'm pretty new to TS so pretty much any rec will be new to me.

Thank you!

Jan. 29th, 2017

edelwiess 3


LF ABO type story - Found

Way before ABO type stories were a thing, there was a story where Jim was a Sentinel Prime, Rafe was his second and Blair was their fertile guide. Guides had few rights other than to serve their sentinel and bear children. I am having a hard time finding this again. Sorry to be so sparse with the details, it has been quite a while since I read this. Any ideas?

Jan. 11th, 2017


Rescuer Blair?


I just read Crossroads by Alyjude, where Blair had rigged up a stokes for Simon after a car accident and got them to safety. I was wondering, is there any other story out there like that? Where Blair ends up rescuing Jim or Simon from something; gunshot, car accident, etc and gets them back safe and sound?

or if theres any like car accident stories out there? Anything will do! Im fairly new to this fandom so I probably havent read any more well known stories along these lines.

Slash or gen is fine!!

Thank you so much for any recommendations!


Jan. 10th, 2017


Different Meeting

Looking for a slash story. Blair has his Phd and teaches but is very lonely. Overhears couple in grocery store teasing each other and wants someone like that in his life. Thanks.


Lost fic: Blair is a detective

Hi everyone,

I really hope you can help me find a fic that I could have sworn I saved but cannot find.

Blair is a detective with Jim and they get requested by another team to look for a terrorist I think and Simon is not happy, but couldn't stop it. Anyway it turns out the Captain only wanted Jim and absolutely hates Blair. He sends Jim to look into a lead which i believe ends up being in a warehouse, but refuses to let Blair go as his back up. Eventually Blair gets the Captain to agree to send some back up, Blair sees him making a phone call and assumes that is what he is doing. Meanwhile Jim is in real trouble in the warehouse because there was something in there that set of his senses and he can't get out. Blair realises something is wrong and finds out that the call the Captain made wasn't to send back up but to tell his family to watch his press conference. Blair does save Jim in time and the Captain is put on suspension and I think Simon takes over the investigation. In the end I think Simon forces the Captain to retire.

I remember a lot I just can't remember the title or the author, so I have my fingers crossed that one of you lovely people will be able to help.

This is my first time posting so I hope i have done this right.

Thank you in advance

Jan. 5th, 2017


Jim buys a painting

I'm looking for a story where Jim and Blair go to an shop that sells used goods, maybe an antiques store. Jim is determined to buy a Victorian painting of a dog standing guard over a dead lamb. Blair is horrified, but Jim is sure the lamb is just sleeping. It's been a long time since I came across this story, but it really lingers in my memory. I hope someone else remembers it.

Jan. 2nd, 2017



Looking for a specific Christmas story

Hello All,

And Happy Holidays.

I've been looking at the holiday recs and they've reminded me of a Christmas story.  I don't remember if it was slash or not but what I do remember is that Jim goes to some weird antique store and buys unique gifts for Blair.  The next time he goes to that store, he finds it didn't exist.

I hope this sounds familiar to someone and thanks.

Dec. 30th, 2016

Black Kitty


sci-fi au

Looking for a story I read recently, and forgot to bookmark. A sci-fi setting, where guides and sentinels are known. It opens with one of Jim's co-workers seeking a guide's help to rescue Jim from the effects of a sensory-overload bomb. Jim is trapped somewhere within an estate's grounds; the estate belongs to Carolyn's father. Blair s an unregistered guide, living on the fringes of society.
The society depicted is very regulated by a type of class/class system. People fly in air-cars.

Edit: Found, link in comment.

Dec. 25th, 2016


Jim/Blair not out at work

I'm looking for a fic where Jim and Blair are dating but their co workers don't know about it. Blair wants to go listen to a professor or lecture or museum something that costs to get in and Jim is supposed to go with him. Instead Jim blows off Blair to go out with friends leaving Blair at home. Blair doesn't go to the event because he doesn't have cash - only a check that he hasn't been able to deposit yet. Blair makes a comment to Jim how he wasn't going to ask for money in front of the guys. It's driving me crazy that I can't remember the name or find this fic. Thanks!


Blair being bitten by a spider?

Hi, I was just wondering if there was any stories out there with Blair being bitten by a spider or anything poisonous, like a snake.

Had just watched the episode "Smart Alec", and it could have easily happened with those funnel web spiders.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be totally grateful~

Slash or gen is fine!

Dec. 22nd, 2016

Sara Sovern

I can't seem to find

I read a story awhile ago that i can't find now that I want to reread. I remember the basic plot, Jim is seeing Simon without telling Blair, who is in love with Jim. Blair gets curious and decides to follow Jim one night but Jim recognizes the car, so Blair tries again but rents a car this time. He follows Jim to Simons, and thats all I can recall. I think I read it on AO3.I'm not sure how to tag this.

Dec. 18th, 2016



LF Slave Jim fic

Posting for a friend. Blair finds Jim at a slave market and buys him. Jim has been abused by his previous owner. My friend thinks it's slash and that the previous owner was Brackett but isn't sure of those points. Any ideas?
Amended to add that Blair is not going to buy but to do research, not exactly legally.

Dec. 13th, 2016

Black Kitty


Recommended stories, classics, old favorites...

Hello. I'm relatively new to the Sentinel fandom. I've read the stories with the most bookmarks and kudos at AO3, and the stories of wonderful Jilly James and incomparable Keira Marcos. I tend to like the kind of stories they create, where guides and sentinels are known, and are equal partners. I'm not fond of slave fics, or stories where guides are seen as lesser.
Can you rec your favorite stories please. Old classics and stories from other sites? Slash, preferably, although some gen stories I've read are wonderful. Crossovers are fine. Perhaps authors that are no longer active?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Thank you to all the commenters - you've exceeded my hopes and provided me with lots of good reading!

Dec. 10th, 2016

Black Kitty


Guides hospitalised when a particular guide or sentinel came online...

Hello. I'm looking for a story where a number of guides had to be hospitalised when a particular person came online. Or guides were triggered into coming online themselves, perhaps?
I think it was a slash story.
Simon's son was one of those hospitalised. He may possibly have suffered more than the others because Simon's ex refused to have him treated, or something like that.

EDIT: Story found, see comments. The above details were inaccurate but the story was still found!

Dec. 6th, 2016


Blair kidnapped/enslaved fic

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic written in 2008 or earlier. Blair is kidnapped by some collector who likes exotic things. Non-con and genuine misfortune (off screen) ensue. Gets found 1+ year later with the help of a detective. Epilogue takes place 3-6 months later where Blair and Jim live out in the woods. Detective comes to see how both are doing and to tell them his kidnapper died of a heart attack in prison. Blair has cut his hair by the end.

Other details: The first chapter/part is from the perspective of the kidnapper skulking around Blair's campus watching him. The next is from detective's POV as they look and eventually find him. Jim and Blair are already in an established relationship


Blair gives Jim names of other guides.

Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Blair gave himself a set date at which him and Jim should have sexually bonded. At the cut off date, Blair presents Jim with a binder full of alternative people who Jim could choose as his guide as well as binders containing all the important information they would need to take care of Jim.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help. It is at the tip of my tongue but I just can't remember it.

Nov. 29th, 2016


Need to read Happiest and Hottest stories

This has been a horrible day for me, I found out I am now diabetic and a couple of other things health wise. The HORRIBLE FIRES in Tennessesse that are making me cry for so many reasons. and other personal things going kapuly in my world,,, ,,,, ,,, I need to read the Happiest and HOTTEST stories out there about Jim and Blair!!
Thank you in advance, finlaure

Nov. 17th, 2016

angel, camp


Amnesia/Kidnapped Blair Fic

I've Searched through the amnesia and kidnapped tags and haven't found this one yet.

As I remember, Blair and Naomi are attacked in an appartment building. Blair falls down the stairs, I think and gets a concussion and amnesia. His attackers take him with them and plan to kill him but when they find out he has amnesia, they keep him, tell him he is their (retarded) brother. Jim moves into the house across the street (undercover?).  The men get spooked and nail Blair into the wall and leave him there. Jim finds him.

Thanks for your Help

Nov. 16th, 2016

Susan Sturnick

Slave Fics

Was going to read a fic where Jim acquired Blair as a slave and lost the link, so I got to wondering how many good stories are out there where one of or the other is the slave. General or slash just love to read!! Thanks

Nov. 10th, 2016


Sentinels and Guides Are Known

I am looking for any fics with Sentinels and Guides Are Known or are becoming known (as in the Sentinel School series). I LOVE Keira Marcos and Jilly James' stories and was wondering if there are any similar stories with known Guides/Sentinels but not a HUGE power imbalance. No slavery please unless someone is being rescued and recovering from slavery.

Slash or gen I am not picky. :) Just happy endings please.

Nov. 8th, 2016

Richard II white by appleindecay


Mod post: anonymous comments turned off due to spammers

Hi folks,

Due to anonymous comment spammers persisting in targeting this community, and lj!PTB not being willing to do anything for all the months this has been happening, I'm forced to turn off anonymous comments until the spammers go away.

What this means is you'll only be able to comment if you have a livejournal (lj for short) account - the good news is you can now log into lj with other accounts too, e.g. facebook, twitter, the list goes on, so you don't have to make an lj account if you don't want to.

I'll be turning anon comments back on periodically to check for spammer activity - as long as there's incoming spam I won't leave it on, but if there's none I'll turn it back on. Till the spammers start up again, and so on.

Rest assured that as soon as it's safe anon comments will be back on, just don't expect a post about it, as it might take several tries till the spammers give up for good. Or at least for more than a few days.

Thanks for understanding!

Debris, comm mod

Oct. 30th, 2016

mcshep forever


Sentinels & Guides becoming public.

I was in the mood for some sentinels fics and i wonder if you know some where the Sentinel/Guide comes public and that we see the S&G home opening all over the countries ....
To see Jim anf Blair becoming the Alpha pair of the USA, recruiting or searching others like them etc
Xovers are welcome.
Thanks you


Blair reacting badly to Jim

First off, thanks to the people who found the last story I was looking for.

Okay, this time, I'm looking for a story where Blair reacts badly to Jim. I know I saw it on AO3, but I'm finding it hard to track it down.

This is what I remember. Blair is with a friend, doing something or other that allows him to see into Jim's mind, hypnosis or voodoo or something. This friend is an original character, whose name, I believe, begins with an 'S.' Blair sees Jim touching Blair in Jim's mind, and freaks out. When he gets back to the loft, he calls Jim out on it, and demands that he stop thinking about him like that and touching him all the time. Jim tries, and as a result keeps zoning, and getting really unsteady, and sometimes is looking at Blair, and then Blair gets mad and tells him again to stop, and Jim tells him he can't, and Blair won't believe him. At some point Blair is working with this friend again, and Jim sort of collapses when Blair leaves the loft. Blair takes another look into Jim's mind, trying to find out if Jim is still thinking about him, but this time sees that Jim wasn't just thinking of touching him for lust-related reasons, but that he actually loves him. He goes back to the loft, and finds Jim collapsed or zoned or something, and apologizes for his behavior, and of course they end up together.

That's what I remember. Thanks.

Oct. 19th, 2016


Jim's spirit animal abandon's him for rejecting Blair, or something like that.

Yeah, that's basically what I remember about this story. I think it was long, although I don't remember if by long I mean 10k or 50k or more or less or what. I'm relatively new to The Sentinel both as a show and as a fandom, so I know it was out there recently, but I don't remember what website I read it on. I mostly read on AO3, but for a while I was looking at other sites, and I don't know which ones they were.

So, here's as much as I can remember. Blair is in love with Jim. He doesn't say so, of course. Jim starts having feelings for Blair, but doesn't believe that he can really be feeling like that. I remember him saying that he couldn't love Blair, couldn't want Blair, so what was left, and eventually decided that he needed Blair. At some point fairly early in the story, something causes Jim to run away from the Loft, and he goes out into the woods, where he sees the spirit version of himself that the Jaguar sometimes turns into. It says that it's leaving him, because it is going down a road with regard to Blair that Jim's refusing to follow. Jim feels like there's nothing left. He zones. Blair finds him in the forest eventually, after getting worried about how long Jim was gone. He finds him, brings him out of the zone, and brings him home. For some reason they're in the shower together, and Jim starts kissing Blair. He's not really aware of much aside from that he needs Blair. He does notice the taste of salt on Blair's lips as he's kissing him. I don't remember how far they go, if they had full-on sex, or whatever, but Jim keeps telling Blair that he needs him. Afterwards, Jim sort of comes back to himself, and realizes that the taste of salt on Blair's lips was from tears, and that Blair was crying. He's afraid he might have forced Blair to be with him. I think they have some conversation in which Jim tells Blair that he won't touch him again, which might have happened after Jim sees Blair flinching from his touch, or possibly after Blair seems uncertain about going to his own room at night or upstairs with Jim. Time passes. At some point, Jim asks if Blair will let him hold him while they sleep, while promising not to touch him any other way. Something happens to put Blair in the hospital, I don't remember what. Jim's there when he wakes up, of course. They both see the spirit version of Jim in the doorway, beconning to Blair to come with him. Jim is terrified that Blair will leave him, after seeing the look of longing on Blair's face, saying again that he needs Blair. Blair says that he knows, and that he won't leave, it's just that the spirit Jim loves him. I think Blair is crying again at this point. Jim takes this opportunity to finally get a clue and realize that he loves Blair, which he then tells him, so they ultimately end up together.

Okay, I remembered more detail than I realized. I still can not for the life of me find this story. So if you know the title or the author or a website where I can find it or something, PLEASE help me, before I go insane.

Thank you.

Oct. 18th, 2016



looking for "unfit" guides type stories (including fusions/crossovers)

Hi all!
I'm hoping for some story recommendations that are set in 'Sentinels/Guides are known' AUs. In these types of stories there are often Sentinel/Guide Centers that organize things and are supposed to help out.

In that sub-category I'm specifically looking for stories where the Guide is deemed unfit to be paired with a Sentinel during an evaluation. This can be due to personality (hyperactive, volatile, not calm etc.), an incompetent/malicious counselor or because they are (mistakenly or maliciously) seen as not gifted/strong enough to bond with a Sentinel. This can happen as a child/teen or when first emerging as a guide as an adult. I have seen many of these types of stories but at the moment I can only find one example which is a Sherlock Holmes Fusion: Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London by RyuuzaKochou

I will gladly accept this type of story or similar for any and all characters in the Sentinel fandom as well as any other fandom as a Sentinel crossover or fusion. If it is reversed and the Sentinel is the one deemed unfit that's perfectly fine too. Slash, Gen, Het, mature etc. are all fine. Thank you!

Oct. 14th, 2016



Blair kidnapped and found after many days in small room

I don't remember much other than the scene where Blair is found after having been kidnapped and held for sometime without food or water in a small room/closet. When found he's in bad shape and distressed by what Jim can tell has happened to him, but grateful for the tender care he's given. The villain responsible may be obsessed with Blair.

I think it may have been written in the early days by a popular author of the time. Don't remember if slash or just heavy smarm.

Oct. 13th, 2016

Canon Error, Apply Fanfic


Naomi kidnapped Blair from his parents

That's basically it. Blair finds out that Naomi isn't his mother, I think she was the nanny/maid for the family she kidnapped him from? The family wasn't Jewish, I think, and I'm almost positive the story was gen, but it could be slash.

Oct. 10th, 2016


Justin and Paddy

Does anyone have BCW's Justin and Paddy series saved?  I have a count of 32 stories but could only find 28 via the Wayback Machine.  I guess four didn't get saved in the system and I'd really like to complete the series for printing out now that I have a place to keep them nearby.

Oct. 2nd, 2016


Looking for specific fic: Jim returns to Cascade after army


Looking for a specific fic (think it is one fic) where Jim returns from the army and makes friends with blair who is already a professor. I don't remember if Jim is still a cop, but remember a few specific details.

Blair lives in a cottage or a small house, rather than 852 Prospect. I seem to remember it had a gate or was behind a wall, slightly hidden away.

Blair is friends with a women that has kids, who is being stalked/abused by her ex and has to arrange visitation - they arrange for him to pick the kids up from blair's house so he doesn't know where she lives. Blair is really protective of the kids, like a surrogate father. Blair has a dog or dogs in the story. Jim sleeps over on the sofa - I think I remember the dog wakes him (maybe from a nighmare) by licking his hand. Blair says something like, you should take the dog home as he is practically yours anyway to Jim.

It starts out as friends but am certain it ends up as slash, is either a longer story or a series I think. Seem to think it was 852 archive, but have lacked google fu to find it and can't seem to see it having transferred onto Ao3.

That's all I remember, probably a terrible description! Would love to re-read it.

Sep. 21st, 2016

porn statement


Help finding a fic

After being away from fandom for a loooong time, I've been redicovering some great fics thanks to this group. But there's one i cannot find....

There's been some kind of disaster and society as we know it is gone. Jim, Blair and crew are living in the woods, rebuilding. Blair ends up developing and allergy to paper (can't touch it), Simon learns to knit and Jim and Blair are a couple.

It's either one atory with many chapters or a series, with the final piece set in the far future and offspring of Jim/Blair meet up.

Is this ringing a bell for anyone??

(Sorry if i haven't got the tags right)

Sep. 20th, 2016


Looking For A Fic

Hello lovely people. Looking for a gen fic where Blair has a heart problem and he needs a transplant but cannot find a heart immediately. As he lays dying Steven gets into a fatal accident and dies and his heart is given to Blair. Something like that. Does anyone know of this lovely fic?

Sep. 15th, 2016


Right after Peru, a friend gets Jim off base for shopping, etc.

I know this is a crossover, but I can't recall what the other fandom is or who the other man is.  The other guy was a friend (lover?  I don't remember is this was slash or gen.) of Jim's probably before his Army days or just before his assignment.  He's in a gym, on the treadmill when he sees Jim's picture on the TV.  Jim hasn't been out of his quarters on base when his friend shows up and insists on taking him out on the town for dinner and shopping, getting him back in the world.  I think he had to talk to the commander first to prove that he was indeed a friend of Jim Ellison's and was not out to garner unwanted publicity.

Sep. 13th, 2016



Sweet Sixteen by Wanda

Does anyone have a working link to this story? Thanks!

Sep. 12th, 2016



AU Fic/Blair kidnapped

This is very vague as I only remember one scene in the story. Blair is kidnapped by another Sentinel. Jim, along with other guides and sentinels goes after him and when he finds Blair he is about to be raped. Jim goes feral, attacks the other sentinel and rips his privates off. I remember the other guides surrounding Blair to protect him. That's all I remember, can anyone help?

FOUND: Sentinel Corp by Rogue. I'm found it in an old group of bookmarks on the WBM and have no idea how to post the link here. Sorry.

Aug. 31st, 2016


Looking For Another Fic

Hello people, I'm looking for a fic I read years ago. It was Gen and it was dealing with the whole post-fountain-drowning, looking-for-Alex-in-the-south thing. It was basically Jim looking back on how he kicked Blair out of the loft and trying and failing to get Blair to go back with him. I remember Blair flat out refused. Then Simon offered him Daryl's room to sleep in(? Not really sure at this point, but I remember a courtship ritual thing where Jim bought Blair a blender). Yup. That's about it. Many many thanks to whoever finds it :) :)

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