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Jul. 22nd, 2014


LF LONG stories, slashed prefered

Howdy, the internet where I am now is AWFUL and I can not be assured that it will last five minutes at a time. So I am looking for LOOOONG stories so I don't have to worry if the connection goes down. I Would prefer slash Jim/Blair, No horror or gore and self recs are welcome. the rest I will put in tags. Thank you in advance so much, finlaure
I <3 U


Blair Compelled to Leave Police Academy

What's the one where Blair is compelled to leave the police academy because he sees a spirit guide (bird of some sort, Owl, or Crow/Raven).

Jul. 20th, 2014


Looking for a Western AU

I remember reading a post-civil-war-AU several years ago. Now I can't find it back, nor can I remember where I read it. Sigh

Here's what I remember:
>Jim has bought/inherited a ranch outside of  town after the war. He somehow meets Blair.
>There is a large mantle over the fireplace in the main room of their cabin, and they have a housekeeper/cook
>As time passes, they adopt or foster a large number of children of all races.
>I remember that the girls and boys had separate dorms with each child having a partitioned section they could decorate however they wanted to.

It's not Bitterwood Creek, or the Dr. B. Sandburg Traveling Medicine Man series as far as I can tell (I skimmed them thinking it had to be one or the other)

Anyone have any ideas?

Jul. 16th, 2014


looking for guns and blair

i am looking for ANY story involving Blair using a gun. especially if they involve him being a good shot.

Jul. 13th, 2014



Hi I am looking for a story it is while Blair is at the Academy, but the only thing I can remember is either one of the instructors says something like Blair should write the manual for the Academy or something alone that line.`

Thank you


Looking for 2 stories-found :)

I am looking for 2 stories that I haven't read for years so I don't remember very many details and what I do remember I am not sure if I am remembering correctly. I just hope it's enough to spark someone else's memory.

1st story) takes place in the future or post some kind of war. Blair is caught sneaking into some kind of dangerous or forbidden zone by Jim and his team and gets put under his care as his guide and I think Rafe was caught a few years prior and was under Joel's care.

2nd story)I think also takes place in the future or something. Blair and his mom are in some kind of commune/compound that is surrounded by some kind of force field that Blair knows his way around. He gets caught by Jim but he needs to get back to his mom before the leader kills her. He intentionally causes Jim to zone so he can get away

I hope one or both of these sound familiar to somebody

Jul. 10th, 2014

Jim and Blair


Trying to find a story

I'm looking for a story that I'd like to re-read, but I can't remember the title or author. In it, Blair is some kind of celebrity who travels around the country with Naomi. He's being stalked, and Jim is hired on as Blair's body guard. At one point, Jim is shot, and all three of them go to a cabin in Wyoming or Montana while Jim recovers. Later on in the story, Naomi is killed/murdered.

Thanks for the help!

Jul. 9th, 2014


Want to Reread

Originally posted by sisturnick at Want to Reread
There is a gem in which a police officer harasses Blair in the stairwell about his sexual orientation and Jim overhears. Blair lets loose with a fun answers back about vanilla sex and the body being a playgound!! In the end Jim wants on that playground... The second fic involves Blair meeting Angel or Spike I can not remember and he helps him not knowing he is a vampire but when Jim comes he realizes he can not hear a heartbeat and warns the vamp to leave Blair alone.. The third has been bothering me for awhile Blair is brought to jim as a scared guide that was abused and does not talk alot cause he is afraid. Jim and Blair go grocery shopping and blair tells jim about mixing lettuces for taste and gets him to try a sentinel friendly onion I hope someone remembers this one cause I have been bothered that is all I remember... Thanks for all the help!!.. Thanks Sterno

Jul. 6th, 2014

Sarah Priest

please help!

this has been killing me for a while! im trying to find a story, i dont remember if it was j/b or just friends. the major crimes unit bets that blair wont be able to sneak away from them while theyre all in the guys apartment. all i remember from this story is that blair manages to sneak away while making the guys think theyve won, but hes set everyones clocks back by two? hours to leave.
Please help me! i know ive got it tagged somewhere, but i cant find it for the life of me!
Thank you!

Jul. 2nd, 2014


Sentinel/NCIS Los Angeles crossover

I know there are several crossover stories involving TS and NCIS, but I was wondering if there are any out there that cross TS with NCIS Los Angeles? Specifically, I'm looking for any stories that might have Marty Deeks as a guide or a sentinel, but I'll take what I can get. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Jun. 9th, 2014


Looking for specific fic post alien invasion

Hi.  I am looking for a fic I once read but never got to complete.  Here is what I remember.
It was set years after an invasion of aliens who wanted to enslave earth and kill anyone that tried to stop them.  You learn as the story goes on that some friendly aliens came and helped them drive out the bad guys.  The story starts with Simon (who had been enslaved and then freed, and I think had only one eye) showed up at the door of one of these friendly aliens looking for Blair.  Blair had been brain damaged in one of the attacks and this alien had befriended him.  He spent most of his time with the kids in the household.  He also had nightmares where he would call out to Jim but I don't think he knew who he was.  It moves on to another chapter which is focused on Jim who had joined some sort of inter-galactic fighting force.  He was fed up and giving his notice.  The commander asked him why he hadn't listed his name or answered any of the requests to find him on some survivors list.  It was set up so that you could put your name in as a survivor and also the names of anyone you would like to find.  He thought that everyone he knew was dead so he had never bothered with it.  The commander asked if he knew a Carolyn Plummer and he  thought- great of all the people he knew the one that survived was Carolyn?  Then the commander asked him about Simon, Joel and finally Blair.  Jim is shocked to find out they were alive and looking for him while he was out fighting because he thought he had no one.

It was at this point that the story stopped.  I don't mean the person stopped writing it.  The end of the chapter was gone.  It almost seemed as though it hadn't completely downloaded.  The "next" button wasn't there either and there was no chapter list.  I have had this happen a couple of times and gotten the rest of the story to populate by highlighting the text above and dragging the box down.  That didn't work on this one.
I have no idea where I read this or how I found it in the first place but I would like to try again to read the whole story (or at least the rest of the chapter).
I would appreciate any information>

Jun. 8th, 2014


Cops think Jim has some heightened senses, Blair the others

Hi all,

I am looking for a fic where some people at the station think that while Jim has some enhanced senses, so does Blair. I think it was because Blair would sometimes claim responsibility for some of Jim's findings, so that his abilities didn't stand out too much.
As a result, Blair ended up running a training session for the cops on using their senses (based on the whole idea of most people having one or more senses that are slightly sharper than the others).

I think the name had numbers in it - maybe something like 2 + 3 or something.

Any help finding this fic would be most appreciated.


ETA: this amazing fandom has done it again, Found, links in comments.

Jun. 3rd, 2014



AU maybe?

I'm trying to remember a fic where Jim and Blair end up working for Scotland Yard? And they end up moving to England? I tried looking in the AU, but I'm not exactly sure if it is.
Sorry if it's so vague, but that's pretty much all I remember.


Ahhhh, I hope you guys can help me

I read a fic about a year back, I think it was most likely on AO3. I'm 90% sure it was Blair/Jim, or at least tagged as such.

Blair and Jim were fighting, Jim pushed Blair into a wall (?), before Blair left. Unbeknownst to Jim at that time, Blair had sustained a fairly serious head injury from the fight. Blair was then kidnapped by someone.

During the subsequent hunt for Blair by the police department, I think there were a few references to Jim having worked out that Blair was badly injured by him, and the Captain deliberately avoiding questioning him too closely because it would mean pulling him from the case.

Blair managed to escape at some point (from the boot of a car I think), but he was injured further (shot?). The place they'd took him too was surrounded by an electric fence, and Blair ended up deliberately setting it off so that the authorities were alerted.

Any help would be much appreciated. This one's driving me nuts and I can't track it down.


ETA: Found, thanks to soxendom. It's Quiet Desperation by Arianna.

Jun. 2nd, 2014

2010, Eagle


Arrrgghhhh..... Brain is off-line

I've had a very very rough weekend and Monday. I've a few hours off and I'm trying to distress by walking on my treadmill and reading some lovely Sentinel Fanfiction. Unfortunately I can't find one of the ones I suddenly remembered. Jim and Blair are pretending to be in a relationship to throw off some woman (from work??) who is stalking one of them. They eventually form a real relationship. This is a very vague description but I hope someone can help me out.

Also I would love any other recommendations for humorous fake relationship fics.



Additional Detail: There's a scene with them on or near the balcony in the loft and Jim knows they are under survalance from the woman so they are either hugging or snuggling.

Found by kind Franscat and Pattrose. Who's Lying Now by Pattrose!

May. 30th, 2014



I am looking for a story where Blair and Jim sleep together, not sleep as in sexual, but sleep as in catching some z's. I don't care if someone is sick or healthy, or what reason they are doing it, just a sweet story of sleeping. :)

May. 28th, 2014

Jim and Blair


Some slash REcs in loving memory of Scribe...

In memory of our dear friend Scribe, I would like to put some recs on the list. Just in case there is someone out there that hasn't read her work yet. All of these stories are slash.

StoriesCollapse )

May. 23rd, 2014


*Found LF working links for 2 stories

I am looking for working links for two stories. The first is Brenda Antrim's "Polarity".  The second is lady of shalott's "Sensual Rhythms". Both of these were rec'd from a site but those links did not work and neither did the way back machine.  Thank you in advance, finlaure

May. 16th, 2014


Looking for 3 fics

A wary lurker de-lurking here.  I have searched everywhere for these and have nearly given up.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1. Post TSbBS, I think.  Blair is working construction and notices bad things, i.e.-shoddy work, poor quality materials, safety violations.  He takes photos and shows Simon.  Jim and Simon see the construction site get caught in a mudslide.  Blair is nearly killed.

2. Blair rents/stays at an old house, maybe called 'the old Ellison place'.  He finds a mirror, I think, that takes him into the past where he meets Jim.  He decides to stay in the past, but manages to leave Naomi information to tell her he had a happy life.

3.  This one is very vague and there are a few out there that are similar.  Blair is planning to leave.  He is sick physically and spiritually.  Clueless Jim guilts him into staying, but it's killing Blair.  He is in his little room actually fading away and Jim hears his heart slowing and runs down to save his guppy.  There are a couple where Blair took something or was really sick, but I remember this one being pretty much Blair dying from a broken heart. Meh.

I selected several tags and I think I did it right, but they don't show up in the preview. I'm pretty sure they're all slash, since that's my preferred genre. Thank you, thank you!!

ETA: #1 found by kernel1.  #2 found by magician113. Yay!

May. 13th, 2014



LFS: proving usefulness scene

You know how one scene can stick in your memory even when you can't remember anything else about a fic? Yeah, makes it hard to search for.

So I read a fic that's AU, Sentinels and Guides are known. It is very likely it's a crossover, as that's how I got into the fandom. Crossover with *what*, I couldn't say at this point. Stargate: Atlantis would be most likely, but others are possible. But I think this fic was all Earthbound even if it was SGA.

Anyway, the scene I remember: a Sentinel arrives at a police department to help out. He might be FBI, he might be a new hire. The chief is not impressed with Sentinels in general and doesn't think he can offer anything. He might demand some kind of proof. Sentinel sniffs him, tells him he's on 10 different kinds of medications (but won't say which out loud, though he knows, to protect the chief's privacy), and that for breakfast he had toast, eggs, bacon, and "your wife". Says it's kind of refreshing to meet someone who still does that kind of thing with their wife. Anyway, chief is convinced, and now the Sentinel is one the case.

Does anyone recognize this fic? I mean, seriously, that's a memorable scene. I hope. I really want to read it again.

May. 12th, 2014



post TSbyBS

Hi I'm looking for a jim/blair story. I don't remeber it very well, but I think it's a sort of 'five times' with differ pov. Everyone believes that Jim and Blair are an item, I remember this scene where Naomi is cooking for Jim 'cause she thinks Blair is going globetrotting with her and after a while she realizes that Sandburg is meditating and Jim is part of his metitation circle.
Can someone help me?
Thank a lot.


2nd Generation stories

This group is the greatest.  Now I am looking for the Second generation Series (esp. fics by Medie and Jen R - which are no longer available)  I loved these stories and can no longer find most of them.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

May. 11th, 2014



AU...Sentinel/Warrior Jim escorting Prince/Guide Blair to marry Steven *Found

I don't remember much about it. It was set in a middle ages like setting, and Jim was sent to escort Blair to marry Steven. They met in the woods and had to journey back together. They fell in love, but were both prepared to do their duty. It had a sort of fairy tale theme I think, and I'm pretty sure there was a happy ending.

That's all I remember. Ring any bells?

May. 9th, 2014



Blair gets Steven's heart in Transplant story


You guys are so great in finding stories and I can not find this one no matter what I try. It starts out with Blair coming back from an expedition with Eli, I think, and he is very sick. I think he got better and went home but then  the illness was to much for his heart and he had to go back to the hospital. Steven had came by to see Blair at the hospital and then that night or the next he was in a car accident. William was hostile in this story and Jim had to beg for his dad to let Steven be taken off the life support, he was brain dead and an organ donor. Does anyone remember this one? I actually like stories more with nice William, you know, when he has regretted his past actions and is trying to change, but when it fits in the story for a bad behavior I can handle it. And this was a wonderful story to me. :)



May. 8th, 2014


Lory Stories

Is there any way to get a copy of Lory's stories?  Specifically "For your own good" and "Ocean meets sky"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

May. 1st, 2014

I <3 U


Working Links for 2 Fics

Does anyone have working links (or email-able copies) for

'Hippie Boy' by Alexis Gunn and 'Maternal Instinct' by Autumn Skies. Both, current links, go to Tripod and AOL 'page not found/permanently removed' pages respectively. I did try a 'quick and dirty' AO3 search and came up blank.

Apr. 28th, 2014

bbc! Burn the Heart Out of You


Looking for another fic- Rich? Curator? Blair *FOUND

Can't remember it well. I think Blair went to work for a very wealthy person after leaving Jim post TSbBS.  He may have been a curator or an archivist or something. The person Blair was working was very wealthy. At a party, Jim was suprised to see him, and surprised to see him looking so calm and confident. Blair had to be talked into seeing Jim again. I think that Simon came to the party also, and they were all dressed up? Could have been slash or gen?

There might have been the rich guy leaving stuff to Blair b/c Blair was his son, or like a son to him, and when Blair decided to come back to Jim, they decided to use it for a sentinel school or something? (or that could be a dfferent fiction). I don't know.

Any ideas?

*I'll update the tags if I can remember more about the story.*

Apr. 26th, 2014

2010, Eagle


FicFind: Having a brain glitch...

I'm trying to find a fic I read awhile ago but I can't remember enough to really search the tags well. The part I'm thinking of had the guys from Major Case going to Jim and refusing to watch Blair for him anymore. They were detailing all the problems/troubles Blair had in a day(week) that Jim was either gone or out of commission(sick). Several of the time had been injured (minor) saving Blair and all were afraid of the trouble magnet. I vaguely remember like a stair fall (ice?) and for sure wrestling with a crocodile in the sewers.

I can't remember if it was a sentinel/guides are known, or not. Might have been gen, pre-slash, or slash. Not sure if it was a humorous one-shot or part of a larger arc.

Does this ring bells with anyone?


Found Moonhunt by Dolimer

Apr. 25th, 2014



LF: crossover with The A-Team

I've lost a crossover fic with the A-Team. The details I remember are that Murdock isn't crazy, he's a sentinel (came online in Vietnam) and they knew he wouldn't make it in jail so they went for insane so he could go to an asylum. He uses his sentinel senses to escape when the team needs him and to keep ahead of the doctors, but he doesn't have them under control. The newest doctor knows of Blair's research (don't remember how) and Murdock and the team go to Blair for help. That's all I know.

Does anyone know what fic I mean? Thanks in advance.

Apr. 20th, 2014


LFS Really long stories or series

My mother is having breast cancer surgury tomorrow. I am taking my laptop to spend the day doing anything but worrying. Please give me, not only your prayers for strength, but your favorite Jim and Blair stories. I don't care if they are slash or not(prefer hot slash), just as long as they are Very long and of course, well written. Self rec's, AU's and crossovers are also welcome. I just will need something to get me through tomorrow!  because I am already going to be stressed out I would prefer that the stories NOT have horror or major Death or gore. Thank you so much in advance, finlaure

Apr. 18th, 2014

my kids


Sentinel-Hunter crossover

I'm looking for a fic where Blair is taken into custody because he was observed talking to someone who was wanted by police. The part I remember most is Blair in the interrogation room with Hunter watching thru the window. Blair climbs onto the table and falls asleep.
Thank you in advance.

Yes, that's it. Thank you. Link in comments.

Apr. 17th, 2014

Donald and Timmy jealous?


Looking for "Blair's Dad" stories

I think I've read all the Starsky & Hutch stories where Starsky turns out to be Blair's father, as well as one story where his dad is Thomas Magnum.

Are there any more stories out there with famous TV PIs or cops who end up being Blair's dad?

Apr. 14th, 2014

lost without my blogger


More Links....Dark Guides

Sorry. I just started rereading Sentinel fic after several years away from it. (And I have remembered why I thought it was so amazing in the first place.) Almost all of my former links no longer work.

Does anyone have a link for Susan Foster's Dark Guides/Dark Sentinel pieces? I remember that Jem, Blaer and maybe Hunter were there. Blaer was an assassin, and Jem stole him from a temple? Does that sound right? I think they were background for the GDP series?

This is the link I used to use.

Apr. 12th, 2014



GDP/Clan AU fictions

Hello. I'm looking for some GDP au's with sentinel clans and sentinel heirarchies. Any recs would be appreciated. Gen or slash is fine.

I remember that Arnie (?) had some like this that I liked, but I don't have any working links for her fictions. Does anybody have one?

Apr. 10th, 2014


LFSS Sentinels known Jim claims underage guide Blair

I'm looking for a specific story where Sentinels and guides are known and Jim claims that an underage Blair is his guide. It is slash because they eventually have sex after Jim thinks Blair is old enough to handle it. I am pretty sure jim is a cop or the like in that AU. I know it is Not Grey's Fit series because I just got through reading them and it wasn't Hush Little Baby either so does anyone have an idea of the story I am looking for. it might even be a series. Thank you in advance, finlaure

Apr. 8th, 2014

Donald and Timmy jealous?


In which Jim & Blair work security for at a party

I read this story a few weeks ago and stupidly forgot to bookmark it. Jim has agreed to work security for a party and it turns out the party is being hosted by someone who hurt Blair in the past. Jim persuades Blair to go with him to the party so he can show the creep how great he turned out. There's a kiss in a quiet alcove in the end.

Maybe it's by Alyjude?

Upate: Found!

Apr. 7th, 2014



Looking for a fic-Blair's gone and Jim reveals himself

I can't remember much about it. It's been YEARS since I read sentinel fic, and I missed it, so I've started reading it again.  I think Blair gets abducted and Jim comes out as a sentinel on tv, to try and get him back. Maybe he publishes Blair's book? That's all I've got. I can't even remember if it's slash or gen.

Also any other fics of loveliness would be appreciated.  I'm very partial to hurt/comfort.

Please help--I'll be very grateful.

Apr. 6th, 2014

2010, Eagle


Need a Pick me up!!

Hey Everyone, its been several months since I've had time to read fanfic and now I need a pick me up. I'm looking for some Jim/Blair Slash fics where they end up raising a kid. I've been rereading Gillian's BJ Sandburg and Jamie fics and they've made me crave more of these types of stories. Don't care if it's an adoption or some kind of mpreg. But the focus of the story is them dealing with kids. Like humorous but some hurt/comfort or angst is alright.

Any suggestions?


Apr. 3rd, 2014



J&B hospital, spirit animal

I'm looking for the fic with Jim waking up in hospital. Simon is there, tells Jim that Blair is on another floor. He initially doesn't believe Simon, since he can't hear Blair. Jim sees his jaguar laying at the end of his bed and tells it to go to Blair to watch over him. Can't remember if it is slash or gen.


Looking for a Couple of Stories -Found-

The first story takes place just after the golden incident i think. All i can really remember is that Blair tried to set Jim up with Margaret and jim discovered that she was a guide.

For the other one, i dont know if it actually was actually written or not. I came across a story called Bonded in Love, By Angelee and at the end of the story it said it was to be continued. Im curious if there are more stories out there connected to this one?


Mar. 27th, 2014



Blair leaves after tsbybs at a beach town

I have tried and tried to find this story. It is after tsbybs, Blair leaves a note and tells Jim not to look for him. He stops at one place and gets his car stolen and the guy who stole it ends up dead. Somehow you couldn't tell it wasn't Blair ( I don't know body was burnt a little maybe?) but Jim knew it wasn't him. Anyway, Blair leaves that place with a trucker and ends up in a town near a beach or port. Jim is putting up posters, oh and Naomi is in this and is a nice person which is refreshing. Also Blair has seizure like symptoms but it has to do with Shaman like visions. I looked under tags, like Blair leaves & Blair is angry but couldn't find it, would appreciate it, if anyone knows the title and author. Oh, and it's Gen. Thanks, Steph

Found: Author is L. A. Adolf, Title "Anomie". Thanks so much for the help lovely ladies! :)

Mar. 24th, 2014

WTF - Sentinel


Blair With Mental Illness

Hi! I've been trying to find this fic, to no avail. Read it a couple years ago, and I think it was on the Brothers in Arms site at that time. Blair had suffered a serious head injury. He was living with Jim and a nurse in a house outside of town, only Blair thought he was living there alone. He was muddled, confused, certain there was a demon with him. I remember a scene where he attacked the caretaker with scissors. It was his POV and Jim's.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Mar. 21st, 2014


Lost fic

Hi I lost a bookmark to a Sentinel Fic And I can´t find it. Only thing I remember was that Jim was driving around city patroling in car and reporting all crimes he could hear or see secretly to some woman at PD who send reports to other cops who didn´t know where this information come from to stop theese crimes.
Can someone please help me find it?

Sorry for my english

FOUND: it´s the Telempathy Series


Mar. 16th, 2014

Punch me


Looking for an SG1 multiple realities crossover

Hello lovely people.  Can anyone please point me towards a famous Sentinel/SG1 crossover fic, which begins with a Jim and Blair (in full-on shaman gear) from another universe opening the Stargate and demanding to speak with Daniel Jackson?  They are dying and searching for a reality with a chance of beating the goauld: they have determined that the necessary factors are the existence of Daniel and of a Jim and Blair.  It's not LadyRa's "Scorpions" but finding my way to that story on AO3 reminded me of the first one, if you see what I mean.

Thanks for your help.

FOUND (in what must surely be a record time!) thank you!   It's Alternity by Legion

Mar. 14th, 2014

Hermits United


Looking For Author: Katie Penland

I tried Googling her but kept getting a Twitter or LinkIn account. I've tried 'sentinel katie penland' as well. Nothing. Specifically, I was trying to track down Worth It by Katie Penland because the zine it was in (Sentry Duty 2) was utterly destroyed. I'm hoping it's online somewhere or her other stories are?

Charlene Thompson

Looking for a Story

I am looking for a story where Jim is investigating some murders. Turns out he is the next victim, His coffee is drugged and he is taken from the MC bullpen. Thanks

Mar. 12th, 2014


Legion's Leigeman & Companion

Is there a third story?  If so, is it on the web somewhere to read?

Mar. 13th, 2014

natsume mask


Looking for: HJO by Matthew Haldeman-Time & one other

Hi! I've recently discovered that Matthew Haldeman-Time's fanfiction website no longer works. When I try just searching his name, I only find his website for his original works. Is there anyone that found HJO somewhere else? I really want to reread it! It's a crossover with Due South, and RayK is actually sort of a sentinel too, just in one sense though- the sixth sense. Please? I would be so grateful~!

Also, the one fic that has led me into trekking through all of my bookmarks but have still not yet successfully found is sort of a future!fic, I think. I don't really remember much, besides the fact that Blair and Jim buy the loft next to Jim's original and then they break down the wall between the two units and expand their home to take over the whole space. I think it was Jim/Blair, but I'm not too sure since I read both gen and slash. It would be awesome if someone knew which fic I'm talking about. Please, and thank you!

Mar. 12th, 2014

Hermits United


Looking For: Qualifying Exams by Lucy Gillam

This one is a tough one, gang. I found Lucy's blog, articles, but the fic seems gone. While I loved all of them, I would love to find my favorite: Qualifying Exams by Lucy Gillam

PS: I'm sorry for the constant posting! I found so much on my own, with your help. So for, replacing all the damaged binders, thanks to you guys, I'm 10 for 10! Thank you!

Mar. 11th, 2014

Hermits United


Looking for: Bright Destiny by M..?

Still looking for fics to replaced my damaged binders. I hadn't realized I printed so much. I may be to blame for deforestation. LOL.

I have a water-stained fic where I have the title and part of a name. Looks like I printed from Hargrove or Squidge. All I was able to make out is:

Bright Destiny by M---

I think it reads Bright Destiny but upon searching through Google, it doesn't seem like it exists but it must have because I made out the 4 red stars I scribbled at the corner.

Does this sound like an existing fic you know?

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